How to Play Keno in Las Vegas

If you want to know how to play keno in Las Vegas, this article can help you. First, it should be known that it is illegal to play on any of the public lands with a pocket watch as your blind.

Additionally, it is illegal to use a television or radio for gambling. With these two laws and several others, they are illegal to be gambling anywhere in the state of Nevada.

Without knowing how to play keno in Las Vegas, you would think that you could simply walk into a casino with your pocket watch and wager your winnings, right?

That is not exactly how it works though. Unless you bet on the NFL, NCAA Basketball, NASCAR, NHL hockey, or a major horse race like the Kentucky Derby, you are not allowed to bet on anything involving gambling.

This means you will not be able to gamble at a Casino either. Most of the casinos are obligated to report you to the authorities if you bet on one of their properties.

The casinos that are open to the public to allow you to place a wager, but there are strict rules about how much you can bet.

The official limit for you to place a wager is $100, but with the amount of money that the casinos require from each payoff, you are often limited to placing only a dollar or two.

If you want to know how to play keno in Las Vegas, you will need to be prepared to place large wagers. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to place more than one bet at one time, so your chances of winning are very low.